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Saturday, December 11, 2010

I've been loving this website...

Have you checked out nobetterdeal.com yet? I have been loving this website. They sell new, refurb and open box items. I haven't heard any complaints yet and everyone reports their open box items to be new. Many of the prices are 50% off and shipping is usually about $3. Right now they have a Leapster Explorer for $35. I also found the Cuisinart Panini Press that I paid $50 for refurbished somewhere else, for only $36 (open box). The only problem is that everything sells out fast. There were a few items I decided to think about. They were gone when I went back! New items seem to be added every day.

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  1. I purchased an item from “nobetterdeal.com” website. The product I purchased was very deceptively and fraudulently advertised. I am in the process of starting my own law firm and purchased the Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium version 11.0 from this retailer. The product is still listed on the site and remains very deceptively listed, despite my complaints to them and attempt to address the fraud/consumer issues with them on 12/22/11. There is nowhere in the description any detail informing consumers that the product – a language/dictation software – is in the Spanish language. The entirety of the public listing to consumers makes no mention of this essential fact.

    I went to download and utilize this product for the first time, only to discover that it is in Spanish. There is some Spanish language and some English on the box itself; however, because this is an “open-box” retailer, I had no reason to suspect the product was not as it appeared upon my initial inspection when I first received it, until I downloaded it and attempted to install it on my new law firm computer on 12/22/2011. I immediately called their 800 number, I was told in rather rude fashion that I could not return the product, because of their strict return policy, despite the fraud & deceptive advertising issues outlined above.

    I further wrote to this retailer and asked for a refund and that they change the description of this product to more genuinely reflect the very essence of the product and to not mislead other consumers. As of this date, they responded and advised that they have a strict returns policy and simply refused to address my consumer fraud issue. In fact the product continues to be deceptively listed.