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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finally, A Solution To Staying Covered While Nursing!

I just found out about a new nursing cover that is actually so much more. It is called the DRIA Cover (Discreet Reliable Infant Accessory). It is made from designer fabric, so you can wear it during pregnancy as a poncho. Once the baby arrives, it becomes a stylish nursing cover that covers you all the way around. You can also use it as a carseat cover and a stroller cover. You only need to pack this one essential piece and you'll have all your bases covered. Your overflowing diaper bag will thank you for it!

I really wish the DRIA Cover had been around when I was pregnant with either of my babies. It would have been used constantly. It is such a struggle to stay covered up while nursing in public. I have a few of the traditional covers and the little guy pulls it off of me constantly. This seems like it would make nursing much more discreet. If I am lucky enough to have another little one, a DRIA Cover will be on my list.

The DRIA Cover is brand new on the market and will be showcased at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas in October. Learn more about it on the DRIA website or be one of the first to own this awesome cover at a discount. DRIA is offering Deal Friends readers a 15% discount. Use code MYDEAL15.

Newer $5 off $25 Coupon for TRU

Here is a newer $5 off $25 coupon for Toys R Us. It is valid until 10/3/10.

Pillow Pets $17.88 at Walmart

Walmart has Pillow Pets online and in store. Right now they have 8 to choose from (4 at smaller stores). They are only $17.88 in store and $19.88 online.