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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Alex Little Hands: My Sticker Art Review

I recently had the opportunity to review the Alex Little Hands: My Sticker Art set courtesy of Ebeanstalk.com. I previously reviewed the Ebeanstalk website and I truly loved it. They had the best of the best available. Anyhow, I loved that they had very specific age recommendations for their baby toys and toddler toys.

Ebeanstalk recommends the My Sticker Art set for 24 months. I reviewed this product with my 2 year old. She couldn't have been more thrilled to help mommy with a review! The product arrived at my house just before we were leaving for dinner. Perfect timing! Grandma had come over to watch the kids, so I left the product with Grandma. When I returned home, I had 4 masterpieces framed and waiting for me! Sissy couldn't wait to show me what she had done.

Apparently, Sissy had been busy with the My Sticker Art set a good part of the night. The set comes with 4 different pictures, 4 frames and stickers to match each picture. There was a pizza, a city, a garden and cookies. She loved decorating all of them, but for some reason she really liked the pizza. It had everything you could imagine on it by the time she was done! There were some stickers left when I got home so, of course, she had to decorate some more.

This was a really fun project for us. I am often hesitant to do art projects with little ones because it creates such a mess. This project is nearly mess free. I say nearly, because I did find a few stickers here and there for a few days, but the stickers are repositionable so they weren't terribly stuck to anything. We hung the art projects up, and a week later, she is still admiring her work. What a great way to spend quality time with a 2 year old.

You can order the My Sticker Art set from Ebeanstalk.com. If you are still looking for Christmas gifts, baby gifts or learning toys, I think you would be pleased with the quality products available at Ebeanstalk.com.

Disclosure - Ebeanstalk provided us with My Sticker Art free of charge. No other compensation was received.

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