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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A night in the E.R.

Tonight we got to spend our evening in the E.R. My toddler fell head first out of the shopping cart at Babies R Us. It seems that everything is all right. Although, we were unable to get a CT scan to be certain (she wouldn't hold still). The ironic part is that we had gone to Babies R Us to find a booster seat that had a seat belt on it. She has been standing on the bar stools and I was afraid she would fall off. I wanted to belt her in so she wouldn't fall.

Why are there only a few stores that offer carts with space for two kids? It seems that we will now be wearing a backpack leash in the store. I swore I would never do it, but now I will be too scared to let her ride in the cart. (She was sitting but I stopped to look at booster seats and I guess she stood up.)

Luckily, our nurse's child had done the same thing. She made me feel a little less guilty. Accidents happen so quickly. I am so relieved that my baby girl is okay.


  1. liz, i'm so sorry that happened! that happened to mason at target when he was little. so scary! fortunately, he was fine. glad your girl is okay!

  2. Thanks for saying that! I'm sorry it happened to Mason, but hearing it has happened to others is making me feel slightly less guilty. Congrats on your new little sweetie.

  3. I am so sorry. How awful for all of you to have to go through that. I worry a lot about Christian. He has not figure out how to stand up and get out of the seatbelts in the shopping carts!