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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Crystal Deodorant Review and CVS Sale

Deodorant doesn't really seem to fit on a blog for children. However, as a 5th/6th grade teacher, I can tell you that we would appreciate your children be introduced to deodorant sooner rather than later. Our classrooms can become mighty fragrant after recess!

I have heard for years how bad the chemicals in deodorant were, but there didn't really seem to be an alternative unless you wanted to be smelly. I was excited to hear about Crystal because it is all natural, made from mineral salts. I was hopeful that the product would work and looked forward to trying it out. I was surprised to find out that Crystal had actually been around since 1984. That says something about its effectiveness right there.

I received the original Crystal roll-on as well as Pomegranate and Lavender Crystal Essence, which is scented. I started with the lavender scent (it turned out to be my favorite). At first, it almost felt strange not to have a cakey residue under my arms. I wore black with no worries at all about white streaks on my shirt. I wore it all day and it never needed to be re-applied. The Crystal roll-on did its job. Even better than that, I spent the day feeling so much better about the fact that all natural minerals were doing the job.

I'm going to admit here, to all of you, that the next day I used the product without showering. If you have toddlers, you understand why! I did notice a slight difference when using the product this day. However, it still worked well and the packaging does say it needs to be applied to clean skin. I tried all three products and had the same successful results with each one.

Crystal calls their product "Body Conscious". This means that:

• Crystal® deodorants are clinically tested and hypoallergenic
• Cruelty free and environmentally safe
• Contain NO aluminum chlorohydrate, NO aluminum zirconium, NO parabens, NO phthalates, and NO dyes
• #1 in consumer safety by Environmental Working Group
• Endorsed by numerous US Cancer Treatment Centers

Crystal Body Deodorant roll-on was selected the 2009 Winner – All-Time Top 10 Classic Best of Beauty Award and the Crystal Essence Pomegranate was selected 2010 Winner – Best Natural Deodorant by Better Nutrition Magazine.

This is a product both you and your children can use without worry. It works and it is safe. I have already made the switch. Plus, I love products that don't conduct animal testing! If you'd like to try it yourself, it is on sale at CVS through Sept. 30th. The roll-on products I tried are only $3.99-$4.49. Crystal products are found at national retailers such as CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid.

Disclaimer- I was sent 3 Crystal roll-ons at no charge through One2One Network. No compensation was received. Opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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