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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Target Toy Clearance 75% Off - Items Still Available

I love living right by Target. I am there at least a couple of times a week. When we get in the car, my daughter just assumes we are going there. However, last week I didn't make it in and somehow missed the beginning of the toy sale.

Target has a massive toy clearance twice a year. Rumor has it that it is always the last Thursday of January and July. However, I think the store near me marked down on Wednesday. Toys go on sale at the beginning of each of these months and start at 30% off, then 50%, and then the last week 75% off.

I have been in 3 times since the 75% off started and I have yet to walk away empty handed. The clearance has shrunk from multiple aisles to a couple of endcaps but there are still treasures to be had. Many people buy items at 50% hoping that they will be able to pick one up at 75% off. If they do, they return the one that was 50% off and it makes its way onto the shelf at 75% off. People will be returning for a while. Also, it takes the employees a few days to get everything people leave at registers back onto the shelves after the initial craziness of the sale. It sits in carts at customer service.

I just picked up an item today that I had hoped to get on the first day and missed. I also returned one of my 50% items today! If you are near Target, it is still worth checking out the toy aisle.

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